Drexel University: CCI Women in Computing Initiative


PROBLEM – LACK OF WOMEN IN THE FIELD IS AN ECONOMIC PROBLEM As information and technology (I&T) are transforming the nation’s economy, the lack of women in the I&T workforce directly affects the nation’s economic future. Women represent only 14% of Computer Science bachelor’s degree recipients at major research universities like Drexel. The underrepresentation of women in these fields is arguably the biggest contributor to the worsening I&T talent shortage. The problem has persisted and worsened.

CCI WOMEN IN COMPUTING INITIATIVE – INCREASE WOMEN BY 50% in 5 YEARS One of the major and most comprehensive I&T programs in the country, Drexel is uniquely positioned to provide a sustainable and scalable solution to this challenge. Our ambitious, yet attainable, goal is to increase the number of women pursuing undergraduate education in CCI by 50% in five (5) years. At the same time, CCI will significantly increase the number of women receiving I&T training across Drexel through its “Computing-for-All” initiative.

STRATEGY CCI will achieve this goal through a threefold strategy:

1) Focus on the recruitment and retention of women in CCI as a sustained college-wide priority, including financial investments and tailored programming.

2) Strengthen and sustain partnerships with targeted high schools and two-year colleges to expand awareness, enhance early stage training, and build a recruitment pipeline.

3) Build overarching industry and donor partnerships to enhance large-scale mentorship networks and increase financial support.

Through these efforts, we will jumpstart the number of female undergraduate students in CCI (currently 16%) to build a robust community for women; improve our academic curriculum and pedagogy to support diverse student populations, including women; build a welcoming environment and strong support system, including large-scale industry, faculty and peer mentor networks for women in CCI; and establish a robust scholarship fund for women to pursue I&T education and career paths, to attract and retain female students in CCI.

THE DREXEL CCI ADVANTAGE CCI features a rich portfolio of academic programs in computer science, software engineering, data science, information systems, library and information science and cybersecurity with a large, dedicated, world-class faculty. Situated in an industrial and technological hub and the 5th largest city in the nation, Drexel offers tremendous opportunities. The CCI Women in Computing Initiative enjoys broad support from University leadership, and CCI faculty and staff. CCI is poised to provide extensive and specialized resources, including a strong academic environment and support system, for women pursuing a variety of careers in I&T fields.

IMPACT The success of this initiative will provide sustainable solutions to improve gender diversity in I&T at a large scale, which not only helps to tip the balance of the female I&T talent supply, but also provides a proven model for others to replicate.

YOUR INVESTMENT MATTERS Invest in CCI’s Women in Computing Initiative and be part of the movement to provide a game-changing solution to gender diversity in the I&T fields. Your financial support, advocacy and partnership are instrumental to the success of this important undertaking and to the future of our economy.


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January 26, 2018