Elevating Women in Tech: Practical Strategies

Addressing the under-representation of women as technical practitioners, Interop ITX speaker Patricia Dugan outlines some of the issues that the IT and tech sectors need to address.

The numbers tell the story: Women make up roughly half of U.S. workers and of the U.S. population, yet on average women represent less than a third of tech companies’ employees. An even smaller percentage of women hold leadership roles at tech firms.

It’s commonly accepted that succeeding as a woman in technology is far more difficult than it should be, and that despite a high level of awareness the problem of underrepresentation of women as technical practitioners continues to persist.

Patricia Dugan, a communications and behaviorally oriented community architect who helped build two digital publishing companies from the ground up, believes that both tech companies and women themselves need to do more to ensure the long-term success of women in the tech industry.

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March 10, 2017