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Thursday, March 14 5pm Workshop Vanguard Navigating Digital Disruption
Ongoing Program! Ongoing Survey EvolveIP/Techaware Want to be a mentor – fill out this survey!
Thursday, April 25 5:30pm Workshop EvolveIP/Techaware Speed Networking / Mentor Program Launch Event. (Mentors & Mentees Only)
Thursday, May 9 5:30pm Panel FS Investments Official Philly Tech Week Event!

Keys to a Successful Career Path: A Panel Featuring Four Female Trailblazers.

Thursday, August 1 5:30pm Workshop Predictive Index & Clarivate Analytics Predictive Index Survey and breaking down results to reveal your natural, hard-wired strengths, behaviors, motivators, communication needs, etc.—in other words, you at your best.

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Wednesday, October 2 5:30pm Panel SEI Investments Overcoming Challenges in an Ever-Changing Technology World
Thursday, November 14 5:30pm Panel PPT Consulting & Comcast How to Succeed in a Male-Dominated World




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Thursday, March 28 12-1pm Winning the Head Game / Overcoming Self-Sabotage Webinar Held
Friday, April 26 12-1pm Developing your expert mentality Webinar Held
Tuesday, May 21 12-1pm Success or Failure?  Inside the Mental Toughness Mindset Formula Webinar Held

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Thursday, July 18

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