Recap: Our Leadership’s Fall 2016 Event

By: Shila Roohi

In realizing the power of networking in exploring and developing professional growth, I have begun broadening my horizons this year to get more involved and join a wide variety of professional organizations such as “Women in IT Leadership (WinIT).” I’ll admit it was long overdue for me – but we all know it is never too late to do the right thing!

Throughout this year, I have attended many networking events offered by a wide range of organizations as a forum to connect with new contacts, learn new tools and practices from mentors, get inspired for continuous growth in both career and life, and contribute in helping others. Professional groups, such as WinIT, and their events have a lot to offer based on common interests, mission and values.

As a testament to the power of networking, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Cramp, a passionate advocate of empowering and contributing to women in technology. She introduced me to the WinIT leadership organization and encouraged me to attend one of their quarterly events back in July. I was also fortunate to be notified about their October event by few other contacts including Gabriella Vacca, who is a visionary role model, great mentor and advocate for women leaders in technology.

Entering their fall event, which focused on leadership and mentoring, on the 45th floor of the Comcast Center with the breathtaking view of the Center City Philadelphia, I was greeted with warm welcomes from the organizers and sponsors at the reception area.

Following the networking reception hour, in which I had the pleasure to connect with some of incredible individuals, the panel discussions were held on what it takes to be a leader within your organization and diverse backgrounds in IT.

Theresa Hennesy eloquently moderated with her diligent personalized questions from each speaker on their past experiences followed by her intuitive summary of key takeaways from responses for each question.

We had the privilege of learning about the vast range of experiences and insightful personalized messages in positive impacts of flexibility to take on new challenges, adaptability to change, leadership vs. management, and inclusive leadership from each highly influential panel speaker: Scott Alcott, Teresa Bryce Bazemore, and Abha Kumar.

The passion of the organizers, depth of knowledge of speakers, and positive energy among attendees throughout this event promoted networking connections, inspired contributions and tools to drive professional development.

By: Shila Roohi

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